Been Away

Friends, I’ve been offline for a couple weeks.  Sorry about the unexpeted absence.  Here’s a list of a few posts I wrote over a the Church Basement Roadshow:

Best BBQ?

Getting Reviewed

I Heart Wichita

Also, be sure and check out the new RETHINK CHRISTIANITY site.

Bye-Bye Beardy
Preacher Withee Shaves!
Five Year Anniversary of the Church Basement Roadshow
The Roadshow in Action
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  • Kirk Longhofer

    Wichita kind of hearts you, too, brother. The roadshow was a great experience. Thanks. And, praying for you and yours.


  • Brit Windel

    hey Tony, you may have been away but not gone. i’m at a retreat center in Colorado called St. Malo and your forward book on St Augustine is all over the place.
    that was fun

  • Matthew

    I love bbq too. I got some stinky Finger sauce. It is great.