Been Away

Friends, I’ve been offline for a couple weeks.  Sorry about the unexpeted absence.  Here’s a list of a few posts I wrote over a the Church Basement Roadshow:

Best BBQ?

Getting Reviewed

I Heart Wichita

Also, be sure and check out the new RETHINK CHRISTIANITY site.

Five Year Anniversary of the Church Basement Roadshow
Preacher Withee Shaves!
The Roadshow in Action
Crowdsourcing My Beard
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  • Kirk Longhofer

    Wichita kind of hearts you, too, brother. The roadshow was a great experience. Thanks. And, praying for you and yours.


  • Brit Windel

    hey Tony, you may have been away but not gone. i’m at a retreat center in Colorado called St. Malo and your forward book on St Augustine is all over the place.
    that was fun

  • Matthew

    I love bbq too. I got some stinky Finger sauce. It is great.