Now Brewing

With an HT to Scot, lemme brag about my morning coffee.  Thanks to Doug, Shelley, and Michon, I’ve got 500 grams of Tazza D’Oro (“cup of gold”) beans.  For those of you unsophisticates, Tazza D’Oro is a cafe on Piazza della Rontonda in Rome, and there they make the singularly best cup of cappuccino in the world.  As you can see from the pic, I’m currently using a french press, and drinking out of a Wesley Seminary mug, given to me during our Roadshow stop there.

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  • Steve K.

    Tony, you’re such an elitist.

    Where can I get some??? 😉

  • Eric

    Hey Tony,

    Jealous! Looks good…and thanks for the United Methodist plug…I didn’t go to Wesley though. Went to Asbury Theological.

  • dave

    fair-trade right?

  • Leya

    you see, it’s 11:23 PM and now I’m craving coffee. That look pretty much amazing… must get a french press for my new place… oh and get coffee first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Scot McKnight


    I don’t know if you like espresso shots, but there is now a super cheap “machine” that makes a great shot. It is called AeroPress. I’m using at my school office and really like it. It costs about 24 bucks and baristas admit the AeroPress makes a shot that compares with the big machines.

  • courtney

    I’m drinking coffee now, as well. Pacific Rim blend from Whole Foods. Pressed, claro que si. About to go chase a storm. : )

  • zach

    no bailey’s in mug?

  • Scott Lenger

    I’ll assume your conical burr grinder is simply off to the side?