ABC Interview

Yes, that ABC: The Australian Broadcasting Network.  I was interviewed for their religious issues show, Sunday Nights, by Noel Debien.  He was fantastic — thoughtful, knowledgable, curious.  Everything you want in a long-form interview.  Afterwards, he told me that I was “passionate” and “discursive.”  Looking back, I probably could have been less discursive!  But, oh well, I’ve always appreciated tangents.

Tony Jones on Sunday Nights, Australian Broadcasting Network

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  • Ben Myrick

    Hey Tony.
    I just listened to the ABC interview. You sounded really sharp! Great conversation.


  • Simon

    Viva la long form interview! Beats the crap out of the KTIS accusatory form. I’d like to hear more of your impressions of my homeland sometime.

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  • boumaj

    one good interview…one smart cookie :) i’m glad you are where you are tony. i hope you’re encouraged and not too frustrated this week!

    thanks for all you do…
    -jeremy bouma