Twin Cities as Ecclesiological Hub

Collin Hansen’s fine CT piece on the evangelical world of Minneapolis-St. Paul is now online.  Enjoy.

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  • Not going to lie, I am moving from Portland, OR to Minneapolis on Monday. I am a bit…scratch that….really nervous about the culture change. Is there a lot of Thai food available?

    I haven’t a clue where I will be going to Church, buy my friend who I will be moving in with goes to Piper’s church, which I am sure you would suggest 🙂

    Considering I went to Mars Hill Seattle last year, I think I would survive, and still be able to…you know…get along with people…but we will see. Maybe I would have to take the bus to Solomon’s Porch sometime.

  • carla jo


    You’ll find plenty of Thai and lots of culture. Really, it’s a very diverse and ecclectic city with pretty much everything an urban dweller could ask for. We are the second most bikable city in the country, have the most live theater seats per capita of any city other than New York City, and offer every kind of food and entertainment, lots of outdoor activity, beautiful places to hike and camp within an hour of the city, and of course more water than anyone deserves.

    Whether you end up at Bethlehem or the Porch (or both: I know a few folks who started at one and ended up at the other), you’ll find lots of great people who will be happy to help you get settled and find your way around town. Regardless of church affiliation we are, if you can’t tell, very proud of our state and love indoctrinating newbies.

    If you do visit the Porch, please give a shout-out on Tony’s blog so we can be sure to say hello.