Getting Dooced for Obama

If you don’t know it, getting “dooced,” means getting fired for blogging something that your employer finds odious.  It’s a term coined by Heather Armstrong, who now blogs full time at

Today, Scot McKnight blogs an email from a pastor who faces persecution because his vote for BO has become known to his congregation.  I’ve received at least three emails to the same effect over the past two weeks.  And honestly, I cannot think of a better example of why the church in America is in such a state of disrepair and irrelevance.

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  • Larry

    My pastor, Tim Keel, posted his reflections on the election a few weeks ago: . Some of the comments he received on this post are both disturbing and enlightening concerning the current state of the church. I should add that I don’t think the authors of any of the really disturbing comments are from Jacob’s Well, but found Tim’s blog through Google or the like.
    Scot talks about people having an “eschatology of politics”, and this past election has really brought this out. I mean some of these people are vilifying their brothers and sisters in Christ, who will remain their brothers and sisters eternally over an election that will be quickly forgotten.

  • Robert

    Interesting. I would be against someone being persecuted for their vote for Obama. I think it is an infringement of his right to free speech.
    But, before you get all upset about free speech, consider the fascistic disclaimer on your site “But, before you write your next comment, consider this: If all you do is call me a false teacher and then go on to cut and paste Bible verses into my comment section, you will be deleted. If you keep doing it, Beliefnet will block your inbound URL”
    Before you condemn someone else for infringing on the minister who voted for Obama, don’t you think you need to reconsider your suppression of speech?