Hitler Is Not Happy about the Changes at Emergent Village!

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  • Noah

    That was great! Great video.

  • Andy

    WOW that was great. No better way to start the day. the Phillis comment is the best.

  • Ian Eastman

    That was so funny and unexpected. I spilled my coffee!

  • I thought it was very funny but confused. In the beginning it sounds like Hitler is outside the conversation and mocking it, which made me wonder if the gentleman making the video was ironically slamming himself. But then at the it sounds like Hitler is part of Emergent.
    Either way it was funny.

  • it really is funny. its a slam against emergent village, but its done so well that we all have to applaud. i wish other critics were this creative.
    “Get me Pagitt” ha ha ha ha lovinit!

  • instant classic

  • therobbot

    As a German I have to say this made me feel quite awkward. Honestly, I can’t really see how this is funny. Maybe I just don’t get the humor in it but the potrayal of Hitler in this film just gives me the creeps too much to laugh about it.
    I love your blog but this was a little over the top for me…

  • Thanks for the mention, Tony. While I’m obviously not emergent, I wanted to give you guys a chuckle as well.
    I listen to all of the EV podcasts and enjoy much of what you do despite plenty of fundamental disagreement. May God bless the good and discard the bad in what all of us attempt to do for the kingdom.
    Jonathan, don’t do too much deep analysis. I just tried to come up with phrases that fit the video clip and sounded semi-coherent!
    To any Germans offended by it, no offense was intended. I’m of German heritage myself. Luther wrote of mocking the devil–I feel similarly about Hitler, although he’s not around to see. I trust no emergent fans will think I’m equating them with Nazism in any way. This was inspired by the mortgage crisis parody using the same movie clip.

  • therobbot

    @Randy: Well, thanks for your statement. I think I still miss the point of the clip, though (why Hitler, what do the Nazis have to do with Emergent or is it just the way the people talk that makes it funny?). No harm done. I’m not offended (I would be offended if you mocked something that means something to me but how could I be offended if you mock something I abhor?) just slightly puzzled as to how this is funny.

  • Randy Brandt

    @therobbot: The Hitler parody is just a goody thing that’s popular at YouTube. There are at least a dozen or more on various topics. I just added the Ev idea. Nazis have nothing to do with Ev–I just saw the Hitler parody and then saw Michael Toy’s video about taking Tony’s old job and a light went on in my twisted mind.
    It’s like the Napoleon Dynamite movie–either people think it’s hilarious or they think it’s stupid waste of time. Since I lived his life of riding the bus and getting picked on at school, I think it’s hilarious.

  • Cobus

    I love it! Even though I’m an outsider, I had a good laugh. Randy, I think it’s brilliant the way you incorporated so much of what is happening into this one clip.

  • Existential Punk

    This is GOLD!
    The actual film the clip is taken from was an excellent film about the last days of Hitler right before the Soviet Union came in and freed the city. Hitler is down hiding and planning from his bunker. The film is called “Downfall”: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363163/
    ONE CRITIQUE OF EV that shows in the clip: There is ONLY 1 woman mentioned. Phyllis Tickle. It STILL seems to be dominated by white middle class men. COME ON EV, let’s move into the 21st century MORE FULLY!

  • Randy Brandt

    Existential Punk, I was trying to work Karen Ward into the video, but most of the other guys I mentioned had YouTube clips up about the National Coordinator spot, so I figured they were more timely.

  • That was great! I am happy that you have such a great sense of humor, Tony.

  • Existential Punk

    i was not picking at the video clip here. It’s just more indicative of a problem i have observed in EV circles for a long time and that they recognize. Just nothing seems to be changing. It’s one of the reasons i pulled away from EV and do not put a Friend of Emergent banner on my blog. i don’t read many emergent blogs except this one, pomomusings and Pete Rollins. That’s all i was saying.
    I think the video is hilarious!

  • Actually, I think the “Hitler” part of this video in some ways helps poke fun even at the critics of EV.
    I mean, the way some people talk about EV…how what a threat it is to the Christian faith that there is an extended group of friends called Emergent Village who just care about the mission of God in the world, want to support each other in being faithful to it, and didn’t know it was necessary to get self-appointed gatekeepers to give us permission to do so.
    I thought it was lovely.
    Poked fun at all of us AND the way we’re cast as the agents of the devil who “taught a whole generation to rebel” and “the most serious threat to Christianity”.
    I mean, who knew? A WHOLE generation, the MOST serious threat…
    I’m almost shocked the Pyros, in all seriousness, didn’t create this themselves.

  • Mike Clawson

    Dude, there are tons of influential emerging women leaders and authors you could have mentioned if you’d wanted to. Besides Karen Ward and Phyllis Tickle there are Danielle Shroyer, Ivy Beckwith, Karen Sloan, Lilly Lewin, Rose Madrid-Swetman, Julie Clawson, Marcia Ford, Denise VanEck, Lynne Hybels, etc. Not to mention all the female cohort leaders, like Makeesha Fisher, Rebecca Murphy, Kristine Socall, Sarah Notton, etc.
    But I loved the video anyway. Well done!

  • Mike Clawson

    Oops, I also forgot Nadia Bolz-Weber, Nanette Sawyer, Kathy Escobar, Becky Pierson, Kelly Bean, Deborah Lloyd, Holly Ann Rankin Zaher, Heather Kirk-Davidoff, Carla Barnhill, and Becky Garrison.
    Sorry to anyone else I’m leaving out. That’s what the etcetera’s were for. 🙂