Calming Post-Election Words from a Pastor

Over at Presbymergent, Leon Bloder has posted an open letter to his congregation, First Presbyterian of Eustis, Florida.  In it, he urges calm among congregants who are either ecstatic or in despair over BO’s election victory.  Money quote:

As the Church, the Body of Christ, we need to lead the way in the

healing that must begin after such a long and contentious political
season. How can we do this? We can first recognize that as the Church
we are called to “unity in diversity,” through the power of the Spirit
of Christ in us and all around us. The Body of Christ is diverse.

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  • Jack

    The church and it’s leaders must lead us in the healing of the angry and hate feelings of this country. There is much more black and white and not much gray. BO is OUR president and we need to support his efforts to heal this country. He cant be worse than GWB, and I voted for GWB two times and I am sure most Christians did the same.

  • Your Name

    As a Congregational minister whose family and faith heritage takes me back to the separatist/pilgrims who left England for religious freedom, only to become the puritans who denied religious freedom to others (Anne Hutchinson, Quaker and Roger Williams, Baptist) it is interesting to follow the historical development of Congregationalism into a more “enlightened, liberal” church out of which Unitarianism and Universalism (byproducts in a way, I suspect, of the entire New England transidentalists) which, according to Abraham Ribicoff, created an atmosphere that allowed him to become the first Jewish governor of Connecticut, and as far as I know, the first man of the Jewish faith to reach that position in any state. There is a history in this country from the very beginning, of tension between traditional faith (which tends to be exclusive), and more open faith-acceptance (which is often called liberal). Add the inevitable evolution within the faith, either backwards (i.e., the Southern Baptist Convention) or forwards (Congregationalism and Methodism)and you have the peculiar confluence of faith positions that are typical of Christian faith in the United States. I would like to add one expansion of the term “liberal.” For myself, involved intensely in the Civil Rights movement, Anti-war movements, women’s issues, apartheid in South Africa, etc., because there is another facet of liberalism that I think is of very great importance: a deep-seated regard for justice and for human rights. I can expand on thatfurther, because I think there is an important key to expanding the avenues of acceptance and understanding for the liberal (or progressive) movement in our faith. Your comments would be welcome. P.K. Dennis

  • Mike Margarit

    “As the Church, the Body of Christ, we need to lead the way in the healing that must begin after such a long and contentious political season. How can we do this? We can first recognize that as the Church we are called to “unity in diversity,” through the power of the Spirit of Christ in us and all around us. The Body of Christ is diverse”.
    No, the church is not called to “unity in diversity”, but to preach the good news through the uttermost parts of the world, in the leading of The Holy Spirit. That is the commission of the church. And yes, as true born again believers He is in us, NOT around us. This is not Hinduism where God is in all and in everything. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit. As the church we are to separate ourselves and warn of the sinfulness that is prevalent within our churches and society in general. Diversity has infiltrated into congregations and has contaminated the church and it’s ineffectiveness has made it inept in facing the dangers and being a witness to the world.
    Presbymergent is a good example of what’s going on and what’s wrong in the church today. I would wonder what John the Baptist, Paul or our Lord would council the leader of that particular church and it’s congregation as to how and why, they would allow such a thing to happen in the midst of the body of Christ. I guess that they would be ok, with a guy that would legalize abortions on demand for the whole country and would let a baby from a botched abortion, die in some back room like an animal, because it would interfere with the mother’s rights or the way courts interpret law. I would suppose that they would be ok, with such horrors and allegiance to such a monster. If it is so, they would have to apologize to Nero, Hitler and other monstrosities that have been perpetrated throughout history. We are so blinded by our ideologies, that we don’t care as to how God really sees and feels about such actions. In the process we have lost all sense of God’s given attributes.
    I for one, do believe, that we are to welcome people, from all walks of life with all of their baggage and introduce them to our Savior and give them the opportunity to lay their heavy burdens upon Him, be forgiven of their sins and become sons and daughters of the living God, by asking Him into their hearts and lives and welcoming them into the kingdom of God. That being said;
    The church and it’s leaders are to equip, exhort, rebuke and encourage us for the battles in our daily lives. To build us up in the faith, that we may walk by faith, not by sight, by walking in the Spirit. To prepare us for the coming of our Lord and warning us of the judgment that will be poured upon an unbelieving world. That’s what our pastors and church leaders where chosen by God for. They are to protect the sheep from wolfs entering through the back door and devouring the sheepfold. If we are really to think, that we are going to somehow purify this earth and replace it with a utopian society, in preparation of the coming of the Lord, we are kidding ourselves and are sadly mistaken. This has nothing to do with politics, progressive movements, global warming, Emergence, Democrats, Republicans, Catholics, Protestants… It has everything to do with a sinful world that has no room for God and is willing to replace Him with all sorts counterfeit spirits for their own agendas and self gratifications. The spirit of the antichrist is well and living on planet earth and is using everyone for his purpose, including the church. Until we come to that realization as to who is walking and influencing governments and church leaders, we cannot know our enemy, his schemes, how to defeat him and our future as believers.
    “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be
    transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to
    test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect
    will. Romans 12:2
    Until we are transformed and stop conforming to the patterns of this world, we will not be able to test the spirits that are working or know God’s will for our lives. We have come to a place in our lifetime, where we can’t distinguish between believers and the world. And trying to bring everyone together under this big umbrella for healing and fellowship, is just foolishness and naive as to Our God’s sovereignty and holiness.
    God Bless