Pomomusings Reviews Jack Rogers

After his much debated post, The Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already, Adam Walker-Cleaveland is now tackling Jack Roger’s book, Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church chapter-by-chapter.

(Rogers is a polarizing figure in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Adam is still Presbyterian, though he works at a Methodist church and the Presbyterians have thus far refused to ordain him.)

You can follow his chapter-by-chapter review at Pomomusings.

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  • It is interesting that a former Fuller Seminary professor would be a polarizing figure in the Presyterian Church — on the left that is. Often Fuller folks (and I’m a Fuller alumn) have been known for being polarizing figures on the right.
    Jack was my philosophy professor at Fuller during the early 80s. I must say he was quite popular and influential — he was a strong proponent of women in ministry and of course took on Harold Lindsell’s attack on Fuller.
    So, I’m curious about your comment, because it sounds like he’s the John Spong of the Presbyterians, but I can’t fathom him being in such a position.

  • jim

    Bob, I would clarify Tony’s remarks by saying that many evangelical and conservative folks in the PC(USA) felt betrayed by Jack Rogers for his change on the issue of homosexuality. In that manner, claiming to still be both evangelical and now a proponent of gay rights, he has been a polarizing figure.
    In the couple of times I have encountered him personally I have always thought of him as a kind, wise, compassionate, well informed, thoughtful, and gospel filled person Yet, others I know had no problem referring to him as the devil incarnate…

  • As a current PC(USA) student at Fuller, I took a class this summer by a rather conservative Presbyterian and Fuller Alum (both her MDiv and PhD) and Jack has served as a mentor of hers. She invited him to present the opposite view of hers to the class. While the class was rather difficult to sit through, as her views were clearly expressed and communicated that you couldn’t really be an evangelical and have left-leaning thoughts on anything regarding much of anything, she brought Jack in with a positive attitude.
    More than anything, a number of students in that room who at one point were either unsure or unwilling to entertain thoughts like Jack were rather impressed – and in fact, it has birthed an interesting conversation among Fuller Presby students – what really does evangelical mean? Jack seemed to confirm that what some people say on campus may not be as simplistic as communicated by others…