Comment of the Weekend

Well, there’s a lot to choose from this weekend.  Several of the Methodist ministers who were at the contentious conference last week weighed in on What Happened in Missouri. Of course, it’s disheartening to read on Susan Cox-Johnson’s blog that some in attendance didn’t think that I showed the appropriate deference to the bishop.  Meanwhile, Pete Rollins rightly calls me out for my choice of “money quote” in Stephen Shields’s Ten Years of Emergent/ing.

So, I’ll choose a comment from What Happened in Missouri by non-metaphysical stephen, and it’s a comment that should surely appeal to Pete Rollins, too!

Kierkegaard argued that church strength is measured in INVERSE
proportion to numbers: the more people claim to be Christian, the more
likely it is that Christianity doesn’t exist in that culture;
conversely, Christianity only needs one person to exist.

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