Mrs. Darwin Would Be Proud

Charles Darwin‘s wife, Emma, famously disliked her husband’s theories, and he actually wrote On the Origin of Species in a way that he hoped wouldn’t be offensive to her.  Well, it seems that a sesquicentury later, the two are still locked in a struggle for the hearts and minds of Americans.

Acceptance of Evolution, By Religious Affiliation

HT: Andrew Sullivan

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  • I am currently reading a book called Your Inner Fish, my first book advocating evolution. Interesting so far, if not a bit juvenile.
    Personally it is just not all that important to me. Either way I believe God created the universe.

  • This is interesting but it doesn’t really matter much HOW God created the world, what is important is that He did. Many of Darwin’s theories were true, and it should not be a big shock to the Body of Christ if we didn’t have the Creation all figured out. After all, it even says “re-created” in the original text. Top that. LOL

  • I recently heard a piece that offered an interesting perspective on this issue. It said that it’s high time we move beyond the concept of “Darwinism” – and move on to “evolution” (as a stand alone not tied to one person). Why? Well, for several reasons. But mainly it was because when we call this “Darwinism” it implies that its all tied back to one man who lived a long time ago. In reality, the strength of the evolution theory comes from discoveries, fine-tuning, and tweaks in understanding mechanisms, that came well after Darwin. Bottom line: this theory is so well attested it is NOT EVEN FUNNY. It IS funny however (as in strange-funny), how many people (as the survey suggests) keep on assuming it is their right to deny reality. It says something very profound, yet also perhaps troubling, about our species.

  • Joe

    the survey is qualified to “origins of human life.” Darwin did not attempt to explain “origins of life” – he took to exception to special creation by God for life on earth.
    Science has no coherent theory with a supporting fossil record or laboratory evidence, for origin of life on earth.

  • H.S.

    I would loooooove to see the wording of the question. Did it allow for an interpretation that effectively says “Evolution is how God did it”?

  • Wellsy

    @ Joe: Knowing what we know of the creation of the -planet-, however, as well as the elements necessary for life, evidence points toward a very long period of time prior to man’s arrival and documented history. A corroborating fossil record would be nice but the fact that there -is- a fossil record is telling.
    I agree with many of the above commenters, though. I’m a strong advocate for evolution (in the same sense I’m an advocate for gravity — it advocates itself, really) but I’m also firm in my belief that God created the universe. They aren’t mutually exclusive. However, if your religious viewpoint somehow puts humanity on a pedestal, apart from the rest of creation, I can understand how you would have trouble accepting evolution. It’s quite a blow to the ego, both collective and individual.

  • But that is not the whole story. They really, really talked about their religious differences, and she was a huge help to him in his work. It’s a wonderful love story. Please check out my op-ed piece, originally in the LA TIMES,0,1470714.story
    If only we could all talk to each other and learn to live together like Charles and Emma, well then great science could be done alongside faith, and love.

  • Tony,
    I especially like the poem on change. Thanks for sharing it.

  • seth

    Brian,”Your Name”,
    … “Reality is change, so if God is real then God must also be changing with us.”…
    …”[poem] God Is Change”…
    Reality is more than change alone — It is also pain, suffering, hate, murder, lust, anger, death, and lying (just to name a few of the negative realities). I sure hope your theory is wrong otherwise I worship a God no better than me. Put another way — I worship ME. You both, and Octavia Bulter, should look up the word “existentialism.”
    I sincerely do not mean to bully, but a comment like that – though honest – has no weight when it comes to real life issues or being victorious in the midst of pain and hard times. If “God” changes, then I must worship the God of your god. I worship a God who is glorious, a God whos “ways are not my ways” — who actually means what he said — not a God who follows my lead.
    Check out: Numbers 23:19-20
    Isaiah 46:9-11
    Romans 11:33-35
    I deeply hope you both are passionate enough about what’s real to look at the flip-side of your currently held belief. It is too easy to compare notes with everyone else who agrees with you and then make a call. Your statements are more paramount than you think.