The Official Band of Emergent

Rick is honing in on his finalists.  Hilarious:

David Wilcox– white guy folk singer. Cannot do it. Of
course, he deals with spirituality in a way that is emerging and is one
of the only white earnest folkies I can stand. Still. He is the “official” band of the older white element of Emergent, luckily it is tiny.

Coldplay– seriously. stop. never. they are the “official” band of bad youth ministry… along with the Fray and Snow Patrol.

But does Zach feel left out?

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  • Julie Clawson

    given that I pretty much only listen to David Wilcox and U2, they get my vote. But I’m not liking the “older white emergent” label… :)

  • tim

    my kids (21, 16, 12) like coldplay
    the only song i really know about is “fix you” from the “young @ heart” movie, a great documentary

  • Andrew

    It’s not hilarious. It’s narrow-minded, judgmental, and sad.
    I’m sure it’s nice to be a smug member of the “emergent” church, but does a guy who mocks artists really reflect Christ?
    He’s a sad blogger. What’s he creating besides noise?

  • Zach Lind

    I think Andrew needs a drink. Personally Tony, I couldn’t be happier enjoying the proceedings from the sidelines. the last thing we need is the ken silva posse picketing our shows. 😉

  • Colin

    Cheer up! I’m sure he didn’t mean to diss your favorite band.

  • Dan Ra

    gah… coldplay?? emergents need to listen to some antony and the johnsons or joy division.

  • Ken Silva

    “the ken silva posse picketing our shows”
    Hey, now there’s an idea my dearest loving Emergent brother Zach…. 😉

  • emergent pillage

    So, Wilcox is unacceptable because…
    He’s white?
    And so glad to see you are so accepting of older white people into emergent. God must love them, too, though not as much as younger non-whites.
    (but weren’t/aren’t derrida, caputo, spong, borg, vattimo, and mclaren old white guys?)