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Angela, on the Sermon on the Mount and martial arts:

People are always telling me that when Jesus said “turn the other
cheek” he meant “within reason,” that when he said to carry the pack an
extra mile, he meant “if it won’t make you late for an appointment.”
I’ve come to believe that instead, turn the other cheek meant to
surrender, to lay down your life, to present yourself to be crucified,
if that’s the way of love.

I am cautious about being too quick to tell myself that the path of
love involves kicking the crap out of someone. On the other hand, I am
also a student of the martial arts. It strengthens my body and mind so
that I am better able to stand and look someone in the eye with love
(instead of fear) and say “Let’s not do this.”

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  • Brian, you are mistaking “turn the other cheek” with “do nothing”.

  • Mark Van Steenwyk

    Amen. It is called Pacifism, not Passivism. Nonviolence MUST be active…it is a way of engagement, not the absence of engagement. I recommend you read Kurlansky’s “Nonviolence” as an excellent overview of how folks have actively employed nonviolence.

  • Andrew

    All for being active against violence. The early comment ‘within reason’…. mmmmmmm, nothing like taking a text and making it fit your own image instead of God’s image.
    Slavery, Capital Punishment….. does it look familiar?