Phillip Clayton Wants Me…and You

Scientist/Theorist/Philosopher of Emergence Biology, Phillip Clayton, speaks directly to me and you.  Honestly, the importance of what he’s saying cannot be overstated.  Watch it…twice.  Then go to YouTube to see my response.

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  • Paul

    TF Torrence wrote on this “upward openness” aka “emergence” more than 20 years ago (from a cosmological perspective) in his book “Divine and Contingent Order”.

  • fantastic to hear! i have a feeling stories from the emergent paradigm will continue to pour in.
    i loved your response too. stasis is an apparition, not an actual state of affairs. nice

  • Great call, great response. I’ll be interested to hear about the gathering next week. I’m excited about the dialogue between academicians and practitioners. I really hope that blossoms into something larger.

  • This really is tremendously exciting stuff. And really consequential too. For if our basic understanding of how we as human beings evolve leans towards this feedback loop – where conscious intent creates waves that create new structures – then this will fundamentally change how we look at everything, certainly including theology. Because, it’s only when one assumes that stasis should be the goal that a desire for a set-in-stone orthodoxy prevails. Under a stasis-rules mentality, change is inherently bad – a veering off-course, an aberration. But when change itself is seen as the norm. Then it becomes about vibrancy – and just as importantly, intentionality. In other words, as disciples of Christ, what will we choose to create? For once that decision is made, it will in turn create us, and our world. Now how’s that for responsibility and a great commission?

  • Benjamin

    so truth in science is now relative to what time in history we’re in?
    i thought shifting truth was boxed into philosophy and ethics. apparently not.
    sad day

  • Larry

    “Truth in science” has _always_ been relative to when you lived. Science by its very nature does not, never has, and never will, produce absolute truth.

  • watch it twice indeed. now THIS is a conference/conversation I’d pay to go to.

  • Tony Arens

    “Conscious intent creates waves that create new structures” – finally someone in Emergent-land admits that we too are the Creator!
    “As disciples of Christ, what will we choose to create? For once that decision is made, it will in turn create us”. We are all little gods!
    Thanks Darren – I’ve been waiting for this for some time!