My Talk at Baylor Chapel

If you’re a PC user and have Real Player, you should be able to see it here.

In any case, I really like Baylor.  It’s continued to be a moderate place, and the people I know there are genuine and hospitable.  Doug Pagitt and I will be co-leading a public conversation there tomorrow night, from 7 to 9.  Come and say hi!

Then, on Wednesday, I’ll be on THINK with Krys Boyd, from 1-2pm CDT.  You can listen live here.

Why all this?  Because The New Christians is now out in paperback!

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  • Adam Moore

    Looking forward to seeing you and Doug tomorrow. I’m really glad you guys are getting the word out at Baylor.

  • Makeesha

    You don’t have to be a PC, I’m a Mac and heard it live :)