Listen Live at 1pm CDT

I’ll be on Think with Krys Boyd on KERA in Dallas, and available online.  You can call in with questions, too.

1pm: How is religion changing in America and how does the new Christian
practice differ from the traditional church? We’ll talk this hour with
Tony Jones, author of “The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent
Frontier” (Jossey-Bass, 2008), which will soon be released in paperback.

  • Carl

    As an FYI for your blog readers, the episodes of Think are available online in MP3 format for about a week at . It’s also available on iTunes.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the KERA interview. As a member of a “loosey-goosey,” “art-on-the-walls,” Presbyterian congregation in North Texas, led by a young Princeton-educated pastor, we constantly challenge our theology but cling to our polity. I think we realize that the Church is changing and some day we (the local congregation or even the denomination) may not be here, but semper reformanda.