My Conversation with Bart Ehrman, Continued

The doods at Homebrewed Christianity have taken my conversation with Bart Ehrman about his book, Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know about Them). You can, of course, get it on iTunes, or you can go directly to Homebrewed Christianity and listen to it there.

Congrats to Tripp and Chad for 50 episodes and a massive listenership. This week they even have a special message from a mafia boss.

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  • art

    Just so your readers know, if they search for ‘Homebrewed Christianity’ in iTunes this episode does not show up. Once you subscribe, however, the episode is present.
    Looking forward to listening to it.

  • Art – thanks for pointing that out. It takes a couple of days to appear in the iTunes Store. All the more reason to subscribe! Not to mention, even theological mafiosi love the podcast!

  • Theresa Seeber

    Jedi knights, mob bosses, how can the Brewery get any better?

  • Jason

    Ouch. That’s not exactly a warm reception from the academic community. Does Bart Ehrman have credibility with anyone but skeptics and “Emergents”?