Doc Todd Asks…

Doc Todd is wondering why some disagreeable theology can be debated by Baptists, but other cannot:

The sentiment spreads across the Country as those once affiliated with the evil trio of Pagitt, Jones and McLaren drop off to form their own movements and networks – and of course because these fellows are doctrine averse, relativists, and theological adrift in a new form of liberalism. Yes, there are two death knells that keep us from conversations with those whom we might disagree with, at least in my tribe. Label them liberals of some ilk and mention the need to listen to voices other than white males and you can be sure we will dismiss them faster than Baptists can get to the table for lunch.

Returning to said conference I found it interesting we should be wary of the dangers of Emergent Village and the emerging church, at least some in the “movement”, and yet should welcome conversations between Calvinists and non-Calvinists (the large amorphous designation that it is). Curiously I asked if we could be as charitable with those in the emerging church, even Emergent Village. For, gasp, I have shared meals with Doug, Tony and Brian. There are ideas the three have had, or positions taken, I could not agree with. Sometimes I will read something in one of their books and shake my head thinking, “Not sure I can follow that line all the way down.” But when it comes to critique of the Evangelical church, one need be careful to be dismissive.

via The Edge of the Inside.

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  • Andrew

    He’s just been hanging out with the wrong kind of Baptists.

  • Eddie Green

    Strange how so many lines are drawn in the sand between Calvinists and ‘everyone else’. Although not all Calvinists are baptists of course!

    With Andrew I know plenty of Arminian and even Liberal baptists.

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