Zach Lind is "Emo" and "Emergent"…or Is He?

For all of us who fret about such labels, Zach has a good word:

In a way, I can truly relate to those who are find the descriptor “emerging” to be troublesome. In Jimmy Eat World, we’ve always struggled with the word “emo.” While we’ve never once called ourselves “emo” and have always loathed the term, we have continually been linked to the term by journalists and well-meaning fans. As a band, we just chose to ignore it. Our hope is that the term is sort of like a young puppy that continually jumps up your leg. If you pretend the puppy doesn’t exist, it will realize it’s efforts to get your attention is a pointless exercise. If you freak out and yell “No!!” each time the puppy jumps up, it’s learned how to get your attention.

via To Those Who Want to Ignore “Emerging” Terminology | Finding Rhythm.

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  • Sara Wheat

    If you know you’re on the right path (or have reasonable confidence that you are on the right path), you shouldn’t have to defend it. The evidence and the fruit of your life should be enough of a defense for itself. Part of being comfortable with Postmodernity is being comfortable with who we are, never fearing what others say or think. It’s a very freeing and authentic way to live.

    And like the annoying puppy, when we entertain hecklers, we are just giving them what they want: validation.

  • Michael Krahn

    “Emerging” – The Alternative Music of the Modern Church

  • Dave


    Methinks you protest too much. I am only half kidding with that. Leonard Nimoy was never able to shake the Spok label and he learned to be one with it in the end. I think you would be better off defining an “and” that you can identify with to add to the label emerging. Define yourself or others will define you.


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