More Satire from Rick Bennett

Rick Bennett has taken his satire to a new level with this piece, imagining an Oscar roundtable discussion with Mark Driscoll, Brian McLaren, Ed Young, Jr., David Dark, and a fictional Baptist pastor (think Pastor Dan before he met Neo).  Here’s a snippet from the lattermost:

Rev. Smith: My wife made me go to see Blindside. I liked it. Sandra Bullock makes a pretty blond. I didn’t see anything else besides Up, when my grandkids brought it over. It was cute, but I didn’t like the chicken creature. Was it a girl? Thought it was a boy until the baby came along. I don’t like gender confusion. I did like the talking dog. That Hurt Locker sounds kinda interesting, but I suppose it has bad language. They always ruin the war films with bad language.

via cheaper than therapy: Oscar Roundtable.

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