Robert Plant Doesn't Age

…at least when he’s backlit.

Check out the singer of the greatest rock band in history in 1979…

And last week, as shot by the inimitable Courtney Perry for the Dallas Morning News:

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  • Tom

    So you’re a big Led Zep fan? So am I! I saw them live in Indianapolis in 1977, my senior year of high school.

  • …his posture seems to have changed, though. 😉

    Nice photo, Courtney. I’m jealous that you were so close.

  • quahog

    I have been a huge Led Zeppelin fan since I discovered them back in the mid 80s when I was 14 and I have always been envious of anyone who was able to see them perform live in their prime. OH, if only I could’ve been born a few years earlier.
    Even though I would love to see them play a reunion tour it just wouldn’t be the same.