Takes on the New Testament

It’s no Life of Brian, but it did cause me to laugh out loud at one point (you can try to guess).  Here’s a taste:

God: Hey Jews.

Jews: Hey.

God: So listen guys, I’m thinking we go in a different direction with this whole religion.

Jews: What?

God: You know, do a non-gritty reboot. Same God taste, new God packaging. That sort of thing.

Jews: We don’t follow.

God: Okay, work with me here guys. Remember the whole ‘angry God’ thing?

Jews: Vividly.

God: Where I killed a whole bunch of you and-

Jews: Yeah.

God: And forty years in the-

Jews: We remember that.

God: Not to mention Robo-Hitler. Yikes.

Jews: Wait, what?

God: Whoops, forget I said that. “Spoiler Alert”, am I right?

via “The New Testament” by Lev Novak on CollegeHumor.

HT: John Musick

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  • Alex

    That was funny.

    Hey Tony, whatever happened to your promise last winter to blog more about universalism? I have been waiting all year for it!