No Conversions in the Emergent Church?

If that’s what you’ve heard, then you really should check out the fascinating post from Nadia Bolz-Weber whose online support of a friend resulted in an amazing outpouring of care for a man who wasn’t so interested in Christian faith…until now.

Here’s how it begins:

Richard came to the Christian faith at House For All Sinners and Saints.  He really never saw himself ever becoming a Jesus follower, but you know…it happens.  Day before yesterday Richard’s son in NYC became gravely ill.

24 hours, 14 minutes in the life of a praying church

6:41a Richard posts on FB

My son, Andrew, is in the hospital in NYC with severe abdominal pain. Since he had his appendix out years ago they are trying to figure this mystery out and we are a little worried. Prayers appreciated!

6:49 (Facebook) Nadia Bolz-Weber done.

Read the rest on Nadia’s blog.

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  • That’s funny. I spoke at a conference this weekend and a gentleman who had been wrestling with Jesus shared his new faith in Christ.


  • Thanks for the link to Nadia’s post. Just wonderful. The last paragraph is alone worth the read, but the story of the community as it comes via FB, etc. is a testament to God being alive wherever we are.

  • Kenton

    Awesome, Tony! Best thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks for sharing it!

  • glad you passed that along. And we’d do it anyway, even if it never led to a “conversion.”