Jimmy Eat World on Conan Last Night

Jimmy Eat World singing “Coffee and Cigarettes” on Conan O’Brien, December 13, 2010.

(Zach, is that your Christmas flannel?)

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  • http://blackframemedia.com Josh Frank

    Thanks for posting this, Tony. Awesome performance – and I have to say, the sound engineers did a great job. That might be one of the best talk show performances from a sound quality standpoint that I have seen.

  • http://charlieschurchofchrist.wordpress.com Charlie’s Church of Christ

    Tony how you could endorse a Christian playing in a band where they sing about coffee and cigarettes? You truly are a liberal aren’t you :)

    sorry I shouldn’t have done that – this is the one blog where you can post a song like that and hundreds of Christians won’t freak out on you.