Eat Your Heart Out, Jay Bakker — Minneapolis Is Hipper



Minneapolis is the hippest place in America, outpacing Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NYC.  So says Buzzfeed: The Most Hipster State In The US: Pics, Videos, Links, News.

HT: Connie Waters


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  • It’s also the new Capital of Gay, according to a recent Daily Show.

  • Seattle was into the lumberjack look _before_ it was popular.


  • Loving the lumberjack! I loved it as a kid in the 70’s, as a grunge addict in the 90’s and now for my pyjamas. BTW, what about Portland? I don’t live there, but damn, that’s a town and a half when it comes to hip.

  • James

    If they were looking at which city searched for hipster stuff more often, doesn’t that mean that Minnesota is the home of the most people who want to be hipsters? Real hipsters wouldn’t use Google… it’s so mainstream. They have another, better search engine, but there’s no point in their telling you about it because you’ve probably never heard of it.

    I don’t know that I’d necessarily be proud of being the state with the most people who want to be hipsters.

    Also, from the hipsters I see at various dive bars around DC, the lumberjack look seems to be going out (and as a wearer of a well-kempt beard, I’m thankful for that) and the ironic mustache is coming in.