On Opening the Cabin

As I hinted last week, I’m tapering off on blogging for the next week or so, with a big change and significant increase in volume coming on June 1.  Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, I’ve been at the family cabin the north woods of Minnesota, reading and prepping for the class on Christian Spirituality that I’m teaching (along with Lauren Winner and Phyllis Tickle) next month at Fuller Seminary.

Here’s a post I wrote last year about the significance of opening the cabin:

Honestly, I even think there’s something sacred about the fact that the cabin is locked up and snowed in from mid-October till now.  It’s inaccessible and uninhabitable, not unlike the pattern of fasting and feasting that’s so integral to all religious systems.  Being without this place for half the year causes me to long for it and appreciate it in a way that I likely would not if it were available to me all the time.

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  • Your post on opening the cabin is one of my favorite that you’ve written. Thanks Tony.

  • Lucky.