Wild Goose Report

I write this from the front row of Jay Bakker’s talk, “Faith, Doubt, and other Conundrums,” at the Wild Goose Festival. The first 24 hours of this event have been spectacular. I’ve heard Richard Rohr, introduced Phyllis Tickle, and hugged more old friends than I can name.

What is clear to me is that this event needed to happen. People were hungry for it. We needed a reason to get together.

Who is “we”? Well, that is evolving and emerging. If you’re reading this, you probably are…

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  • John Edmond

    I actually find a lot of fact posting in the latest posts. Not much though, just facts stated. For all the EM stuff, I find it style over substance. Not to say there isn’t substance, but very heavy on the style. Steve Jobs would be the opposite.

  • Tarheel7792

    This SO needed to happen, and we are incredibly blessed that it did. Truly amazing experience… “Vacation Bible School” on steroids!

  • Deb

    There’s a million reasons why I’d never willingly choose to camp with chiggers and ticks in 90+ degree heat, but this last weekend would not be one of them. Yup. My family was in unanimous agreement – we’ll be there for WGF 2012, with more friends joining us! Will Shakori Hills hold us all? Now THAT’S a nice problem to ponder. ๐Ÿ˜‰