Preaching from an iPad

Social Phonics Coach, Adam Walker Cleaveland, is quoted in a story by Sam Hodges in the UM Reporter.  The piece is on ebook readers and their use by clergy, both in the pulpit, and as a substitute for traditional print books.

The first few times the Rev. Adam Walker Cleaveland preached from his tablet computer, he carried along a printed text, just in case of computer failure.

Not anymore.

“I’ve done it enough now that I’m solely relying on the iPad,” said Mr. Cleaveland, minister for youth and young adults at Asbury United Methodist Church in Livermore, Calif. “If something happened, I would need to rely on the Holy Spirit a little more to get me through it, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

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  • Leslianne Braunstein

    First time I preached from the iPad (3 weeks after getting it) I forgot the printed text at home. That was that. Have never looked back. Now using a prompter. Very cool.

  • Brian

    Our pastor has been preaching (and leading communion) from his iPhone for over 2 years. I ask him if he was going to transition to his iPad; nope, prefers the size of the iPhone.

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