I Got Married Yesterday…

…so I’m taking today off from the blog.

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  • http://B-logismos.blogspot.com Jacob beaver

    Congrats to you and Courtney.

  • Patrick Marshall

    Congratulations! Go enjoy some MMA together!

  • http://www.christianheresy.blogspot.com Michelle


  • James F. McGrath


  • http://www.travismamone.net Travis Mamone


  • Holly Stauffer

    Good for you and your new wife! I am sure she appreciates it also!

  • http://lostcoin.org John Kennedy

    Congratulations Tony! Truly happy for you both!

  • Adrenalin Tim


  • Alberto Medrano


  • http://www.annajoy5.blogspot.com Anna Cogliandro


  • Richard

    Blessings on you and yours Tony.

  • http://tracieonthego.com Tracie G

    Awww…not even a picture? Ok. Have a nice day off (really…shouldn’t you be saying “see you next week”)?
    Blessings to you and Courtney. May you have years of love and joy together.

  • Scott S.

    Congrats to you both!

  • http://thereareanumberatthispoint... Joe Carson

    Hi Courtney,

    Tony has a skeptical, questioning attitude and he will take a beating for his beliefs. I missed having a chance to meet you at WGF, but Brian McLaren met Karen, my bride of almost 26 years, and realized how blessed, I really, truly am as much as I may be burdened by concern, if not shame, for my profession of engineering.

    I look forward to meeting you at some point.

  • Nathanael

    Good on ya, Tony! Many blessings to you and your bride!

  • Chuck

    That’s no excuse for not working! But congratulations anyway.

  • http://www.randybuist.com Randy Buist

    Congrats Tony & Courtney!!! Hold one another tight and enjoy the year ahead!

  • darren

    Congrats! Where’s the honeymoon??

  • toddh


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