Will Rick Run?

My fellow Minnesotans, Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Bachmann, are keenly interested in the question about whether Rick Perry will throw his hair hat in the ring.  So, it seems, are evangelical voters.

“And while Bachmann has been on a hot streak since the first candidate’s debate, Christian Right leaders continue to be far less willing to embrace her (or Sarah Palin, for that matter) than the rank-and-file or more secular politicos. Is that sexism at work? Possibly. Maybe even probably. But geography is an important factor as well. Many Christian Right leaders think the GOP primary schedule favors a Southern candidate. And southern Minnesota does not count.” [READ THE REST]


UPDATE: God Urges Rick Perry Not To Run

  • MSpence

    Here in Austin we call him Pointy Boots…

  • http://getoutfromunderit.blogspot.com Andy Sherwin

    I sincerely hope Perry runs. Away.

    • http://getoutfromunderit.blogspot.com Andy Sherwin

      Wokka wokka!

  • Kenton

    Yes, Rick will run. The question I have is will Karl Rove sign on as his architect? That could make it interesting.

    As my governor, I have to say Texas is doing well. The economy is doing much better here than in the rest of the country. He has certainly done things that embarrass me to no end (as a Longhorn I expect that sort of thing from an Aggie), and to that all I can say is that I liked him better as Ag Commissioner. He’s been Peter Principled to Lt. Gov and Gov. already.

    Then again, if he gets Peter Principled once more, it sure can’t be any worse than the Status Quobama.

    • Scot Miller

      You’ve got to be kidding. Have you paid any attention to the financial disaster he and the Republican controlled state house have created in Texas? The cuts to education and social services? What about the voter disenfranchisement photo ID law he wanted? And the ridiculous ultrasound requirement before abortion (which was opposed by physicians, including the Texas Medical Association)? The weakening of environmental protections? On the whole, he’s been a disaster for the citizens of Texas.

      • Kenton

        As the guy in “The Ultimate Dog Tease” video said, “Nope. Not kidding.”

        Texas is a full point below the national average in unemployment, and have been for a while. Our fiscal problems are not nearly what they are in the rest of the country. When we face revenue shortfalls we do what we’re supposed to do: cut spending. It’s not always popular, but it’s the responsible thing to do. School districts like the one I live in that have been careful with their budgets are not going to lay off any personnel (which is remarkable given the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave).

        As for the Voter Photo ID law, I say “YES! PLEASE!” This is still the state of Ballot Box 13, don’t forget. Voter fraud still goes on and anything we can do to deter it should be welcome.

        If Texas is doing so badly, why are folks from so many other states flocking to get here as fast as they can? (I don’t want to leave, that’s for certain!)

  • http://leftcheek.blogspot.com/ jasdye

    Ick. Can’t these cretins just go away already? Four of the biggest liars in all of American politics, and at least two-thirds of them claim to be devout Christians – Evangelicals even.

    Leave, please.

  • KimG

    This nonsense is precisely what gives Obama an undeserved advantage. What ever has happened to Christian self-less- ness?

  • http://pantheon.yale.edu/~kd47 Keith DR

    As of right now (as I write), the Intrade gamblers have Rick Perry as the most likely person to win the Republican nomination at 34.5% (& this is not conditional on his running), with Romney down to 29.9%. Bachmann is at 9.3%, Huntsman 7.7%, Pawlenty 6.1%, and Palin 5.1%. They have Obama’s likelihood of being re-elected at 55.9%.

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