Disappointed with Emergent?

It turns out that David Fitch is disappointed with the Emergent/ing/ence Church Movement (ECM). Well, he’d better get in line. It seems that all sorts of people are disappointed in us — in the last week, I’ve read accounts on Facebook and blogs of evangelicals, liberals, mainliners, and GLBT persons who are disappointed with the ECM. Imagine my surprise, via Facebook, to discover that we had disappointed the bisexual and transgendered people of thew world.

No doubt, a lot of people have put a lot of hopes in the ECM, hopes that we were bound to disappoint. More interesting to me than how we’ve disappointed people, however, is what has led so many people, Dave and the authors of Church in the Present Tense among them, to be so disappointed with the modern church that they’d like to overhaul the entire thing.

Read the rest of my guest post at The Church and Postmodern Culture: A Conversation.

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