The Book Is about to Drop!

Here’s the cover of my next book, coming next week.  Thanks to Courtney for the image and the cover design. The book will be available on several e-book outlets, including Amazon and

Watch this space for more info.  Book cover below the fold:

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  • Nice. Basically your thesis, I assume?

    Oh, and the “PhD” looks good on ya. About time 😉

    • Yes, Alan, the dissertation with some emendations.

      • Tony, since my interest in this is both practical and academic, I’m wondering if it’s worth getting this and also looking at the dissertation whenever its available through interlibrary loan or otherwise. Is it adapted enough that it isn’t really meant for academic purposes anymore?

        • It won’t be available via interlibrary loan, since I am retaining all rights to it. There will be two bound copies at the PTS library, but otherwise it will be electronic.

  • Dale Friesen

    I’m just curious as to why you are doing this as an e-book only.

    Excited to read this.

    • Dale,

      Because an academic publishing house wouldn’t sell any more copies than me selling it myself. Plus, I don’t have to wait for a year of editing and design work to get it out.

      • Remember, no typos in the final sentence!

  • Tasty. I can’t wait to read it!