Church Planters Academy = WOMEN!

This November, I’ll be helping Doug Pagitt host the first-ever Church Planters Academy.  We’re holding it at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, and highlighting some of the top church planters over the last decade: Tim Keel, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Nanette Sawyer, Tim Conder, Don and Pam Heatley and more.

There’s something in that list that I’d like you to pay heed to: we’ve got women church planters, a bunch of them, in fact.

I often hear from people that they’d like to hear from women who have successfully planted churches.  Well, there’s is simply no other place to hear from a collection of women (and men) who’ve planted churches.  All men HERE.  All men HERE.  And I could go on.

But not at CPA!  Our roster is equally men and women.

So come, and learn about what it takes to plant a church and keep it going.  We’ll talk about funding, about leaning into your own gifts, about discerning your call to plant, and about guarding your spirit during the inevitable ups and downs of planting a church.

And, only through this Thursday, save $100 off of registration.  So don’t wait!  Register today!

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