Report: Clergy Are the Happiest about their Job

We clergy sometimes complain about our jobs, to be sure.  But my experience bears out the results of the General Social Survey: most clergy are very happy with their jobs.  They might get frustrated with the people in their congregations, and they think they’re underpaid, but they generally like their job.  Interestingly, if you click through to the article, you’ll see that most of the unhappiest jobs are in technical fields.

Psychologist, firefighter, and clergy are included in the list of the “10 happiest jobs” based on data collected via the General Social Survey of the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago, reports the Christian Science Monitor. “Since experts say that social interaction drives job satisfaction, it makes sense that clergy are happiest of all,” Christian Science Monitor writes. “Social interaction and helping people [is a] combination that’s tough to beat for job happiness.”

  1. Clergy
  2. Firefighters
  3. Physical therapists
  4. Authors
  5. Special education teachers
  6. Teachers
  7. Artists
  8. Psychologists
  9. Financial services sales agents
  10. Operating engineers

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  • If clergy have the happiest jobs and directors of information technology rank as the unhappiest….where do directors of information technology that help train clergy rank?

    ’cause I know a couple of them.

  • I consider myself an IT Social Worker/Therapist.

  • Robyn

    At least we have both poles in our household!

  • Social interaction drives job satisfaction, yet authors and artists are in the top 10? Those tend to be rather solitary pursuits. Not always, but often. As an introvert, I’m intrigued.

  • But isn’t it a little skewed?

    If you’re a clergy member, and you’re unhappy, there’s generally very little financial incentive to stay. In that way don’t we weed out those that are unhappy?

  • Gail

    Wow, this pretty much contradicts my experience in talking with people. The preachers and teachers I know are always badmouthing their lives, the parents, the congregations, the administrators. Parks and rec. people or forest rangers are among the happiest folks I have met. And the clergy I know do NOT like the social interaction part of their job. Or at least, that is how it seems to me. Maybe preachers and teachers just vent a lot.

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  • James P

    Don’t believe it. Most clergy surveys show considerable discontent.

  • LoneWolf

    Speaking as an artist, no, that job sucks. It looks cool, yeah, but it’s miserable work if you aren’t in the handful that can sustain themselves.