Another Take on Wild Goose

Albert contemplates the Wild Goose before him.

I realize that most of you don’t come here to read about my hunting exploits.  So I won’t bore you (or disgust you) with them.  But suffice it to say that I had a great opening weekend here in Central Minnesota: a couple wood ducks in the bag; one goose shot, retrieved, plucked, cleaned, roasted, and eaten with stuffing and gravy; a top-notch performance by first-time hunter Albert (seen above); and unparalleled companionship by champion duck caller Jason Mitchell.

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  • Eli

    Sweet! Fall is in the air in Southern Ohio, and I can’t wait to get some squirrel hunting in!

  • Carter McNeese

    Way to kill the Spirit there, Tony.

    I hope it was tasty.

  • Lock

    And I thought you were a vegan.

  • John McGuire

    Congats on a nice opener. Hope the rest of the season goes well.