How Hospitable Is God?

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking with some students at Rochester College about hospitality.  They are masters-level students, investigating missional leadership, and the virtue of hospitality is core to that investigation.  We had some great conversations, which I want to muse on this week on the blog.

The biggest question that we raised, I think, was this: How hospitable is God? In the Hebrew scriptures, in the Christian scriptures?

It’s easy to criticize the church and the people of God for being inhospitable.  It’s more difficult for us to look honestly at the behavior of God, to scrutinize it, and to decide whether God is indeed hospitable.

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  • FYI, I know you are saying that the “Hebrew scriptures” and the “Christian scriptures” are the OT and the NT. However when it comes to the original language of the OT, it wasn’t written entirely in Hebrew, and its Greek translation was just as dominant in the first diaspora. The NT pulls from both the Greek and the Hebrew OT, maybe even Aramaic translations.

    If in reference to the ethnicity of the authors, you know Tony, that Luke is the only one suspected to be a non-Jewish author.

    OT and NT is the easiest to use and the widest understood and is legit in its usages.

    A question that can be asked is how much hostility should a person endure for spreading the Gospel (asking people that are missional minded)? If Paul rebuked Peter, and instructed Corinth to turn people out of the congregation for sexual behaviors, then should we be doing those things today? The “boots on the ground” Christianity is harder to grapple with. Idealism of being “fluffy head” Christian is not too difficult.

  • This entry of yours deserved at least one post.