Jana Riess Interviews…Me!

Jana has posted part one of her interview with me.  This part is about my new book.  Part two will be about self-publishing.  Here’s a taste:

What do you identify as the shortcomings of the ECM?

In chapters 4 and 5, that’s where I land the plane. The reader has suffered through the literature review and the definition of terms in those early chapters. Later in the book, I argue that the ECM has done some cool stuff ecclesially, but that’s been basically these leaders intuiting their way into the practices. The practices didn’t come out of robust theological reflection, and what worries me is that if they lack a sophisticated theological framework, they will come and go. I want to provoke other leaders in the movement to do more theological background work, the deep work that one needs to do. For instance, late in the book, I point out that a thoroughgoing trait across the movement is the lack of any kind of sacred/secular divide – the traditional view that there is sacred place and secular space, or sacred practices and secular practices. I think this has to do with the theology of panentheism, which Moltmann as well as others have developed – the idea that there is no aspect of creation that is lacking in God.

via The Church Is Flat: A Q & A with Tony Jones (Part 1) – Flunking Sainthood.

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