Women Bishops Coming to Church of England?

Alternate headline: “Church of England Edges Closer to 20th Century“:

The Church of England cleared another legislative hurdle to appointing women bishops, but traditionalist opponents warned on Monday the move was not a foregone conclusion. Some Anglican provinces already have women bishops, including Australia, the United States and Canada, but the ordination of women and homosexuals as bishops as well as same-sex marriages remain the most divisive issues facing the Anglican Communion, which has 77 million members worldwide. [via Church of England edges nearer to allowing women bishops | FaithWorld]

Meanwhile, Italian police detained a group of Catholics who were attempting to deliver a petition in favor of women clergy to the Vatican:

A group of Roman Catholic activists who think women should be ordained priests tried to deliver a petition to the Vatican on Monday but were blocked from entering St Peter’s Square and some were detailed by police. Witnesses said plainclothes Italian police stopped the group of about 15 demonstrators, including several women dressed in priest’s robes, and confiscated a banner reading “God is calling women to be priests.” [READ THE REST]

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  • Very surprised it hasn’t been the case.

  • Jesse

    Is this the “20th century”-equals-right mentality?

  • I agree that God has called women to be priests and bishops, but since the Roman Catholics and Anglicans don’t agree, it might be a sign that the women He’s called ought to seek a more receptive denomination.

  • so hopeful that CoE will finally stop caving to conservatives who argue “my way or the way to hell”