Will Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Merge?

It’s just been announced that HarperCollins — which already owns Zondervan — will be purchasing Thomas Nelson before the end of the year.  Which leads one to wonder, how long will HarperCollins keep two Christian imprints going?

Based on my experience, not for long.  I speculate that they’ll keep the stronger brand and kill off the weaker brand.

HT: Bob Carlton

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  • Why do you say two Christian imprints? What about HarperOne?

    • Sorry, Carol, your comment got flagged as spam. Just now approving it.

      HarperOne is not a Christian imprint. It’s religious, but not exclusively Christian. And surely not evangelical.

  • Dave

    I saw something that described Zondervan as the workd’s leading publisher of Bibles; maybe they’ll lean into that?

  • There likely will be consolidation, but they might keep the brand name for certain kinds of books. Sort of like GM!