Generation X Is Tired

In fact, I have been feeling rather tired lately.  For this post to be more accurate, it would have a paragraph about custody battles and child support payments:

Generation X is tired.

It’s a parent now, and there’s always so damn much to do. Generation X wishes it had better health insurance and a deeper savings account. It wonders where its 30s went. It wonders if it still has time to catch up.

Right now, Generation X just wants a beer and to be left alone. It just wants to sit here quietly and think for a minute. Can you just do that, okay? It knows that you are so very special and so very numerous, but can you just leave it alone? Just for a little bit? Just long enough to sneak one last fucking cigarette? No?

via Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit.

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  • Lock- the troll

    The article needs to say that X’ers will pay for Barack Obama (10 billion a day).

    The article only labels Obama as a bad spokesmen.

  • Rick B

    Hell Yes. I want a beer and to be left alone.

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