How Did Mitt Romney’s Mormon Mission Affect Him?

Mitt Romney, far left, on his Mormon mission in France (Mike Post/Reuters)

A lot, according to this story from Reuters:

To understand why Mitt Romney persists in the face of rejection, opposition and indifference from his own party, look no further than the two and a half years he spent in France, getting up at 6:30 a.m. every day to venture forth and have doors slammed in his face for 10 hours.

The fresh-faced Latter-Day Saints who came to France in the late 1960s to preach the message of Jesus Christ — of whom Republican presidential candidate Romney is the best known — discovered a secular and skeptical populace, and few willing converts.

On bad days, the young Americans were greeted with guns, or barking dogs chased at their heels. Romney has said his mission, which took him through Le Havre, Paris and Bordeaux, was testing.

But it was precisely this challenge that helped cement Romney’s tenacity and his faith, say current and former missionaries.

via Special Report: Mitt Romney’s French education – politics – Decision 2012 –

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  • Fred Barrett

    A great article! If folks only had a true understanding of What The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually is they would all be voting for Mitt Romney. Not because he is a latter-day Saint but because latter-day saints generally speaking are true blue patriots to the core. We do believe in upholding the law of the land and believe in the constitution and the freedoms that it affords to all U. S. citizens, Mitt would be the president of every American.

    I find it to be a shame that so many falsehoods are presented to the public concerning the church and the saints by those like the Baptist preacher from Dallas. It is obvious that truth does not prevail in this nation as one can figure out by observing our society at every level.