Yay Minnesota!

This infographic map makes me extraordinarily happy and proud.

HT: Andrew Sullivan

Full infographic at Goodreads

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  • Perhaps Utah’s place here stems from the fact that the author is apparently Mormon?

    I’m too old to be a Twilight fan!

  • Kevin Gasser

    I’m not sure I understand. If Utah ranks 6th in numbers of readers, why aren’t they colored red? Maybe they read the books but don’t like them?

  • Vicki

    Hmmm…I don’t understand…seriously…help?

  • The colors represent how highly people in the state rated it, on average. Utah folks seemed on average not to like it particularly much. Hence the blue. But an unusually high rate of Utahites (?) did submit reviews: “Reviews were mostly distributed according to population, with the notable exception of Utah. Utah is the 34th most populous state in the US, but it generates the 6th most reviews of Twilight. In terms of cities, Salt Lake City—the 125th largest city in the country—is second only to New York in number of Twilight reviews. Opinion on the book is split in the Beehive state, with the average rating a pedestrian 3.64.”

  • Larry Barber

    Strange how the colors correspond to a typical electoral map. Why do you suppose Republican leaning states seem to favor stories about glittery, blood-sucking (but good looking) parasites?