Look Who’s a Methodist Poster Child!

Here’s the current homepage at UMC.org:

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille:

I have no problem being the poster child for service rather than consumerism on Black Friday, and I don’t even object to a denomination using my image for that purpose, but the story is about a few churches in South Texas that have started a ministry called “Bless Friday.”  The image is from a retreat for college students that I led in Las Vegas a couple years ago.

So I guess now I’m stock art.

HT: Shane Mullin (who, for some reason, was on the UMC homepage yesterday)

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  • That’s funny … you would think with this being the second year of the event they would have some photos from last year or this year from the actual Bless Friday to use!

  • doug pagitt

    i love the countryman microphone you are wearing while practicing the ancient practice of humility.

    • As you know, Doug, humility should always be miked.

  • Somehow I have the feeling that I will never be Methodist stock art

  • jcarlgregg


  • dwhitney

    Wanna’ be more than “art” ? My hunting boots need a fresh application of waterproofing…

  • rey

    Funny thing is in modern society washing people’s feet…not really a service. We don’t walk around barefooted…don’t need our feet washed after a long journey or whatever. And I don’t want anybody touching my feet, thank you very much. Shouldn’t foot washing be replaced with car washing? Course, I don’t really want anyone touching my car either….

  • Chris

    Service rather than consumerism in one post, and “Whose got the new Kindle” in another. Hmmm.

    Somehow the words “selective outrage” come to mind?

    • Chris, my post has nothing to do with consumerism. It has to do with the use of my image on a website.

  • I remember sitting down with you at lunch a month or so later and saying that this was a really cool thing to see from you as a leader for many in the church today.

    I wouldn’t read to much into this though. I’ve often been picked up by umc.org without them telling me once for doing ‘top wesley moments on youtube’ where i gave out medals for (olympics were somewhere around then) top 3 and honorable mention. Its random