Slacktivist Takes a Spin on #WhyPray

Fred, the Slacktivist, has a take-off on my almost-meme #WhyPray. And, I must admit, he takes it in a completely different — and hilarious — direction.  We pick it up mid-post:

So for the prayer above, I substitute a prayer macro — a single, short phrase that can be employed to stand-in for the prayer in its entirety. Unlike software macros, creating prayer macros requires no special computer skill or knowledge of Perl or Java. Prayer macros are easily created by prayer. Simply arrange with God ahead of time that when you recite the prayer macro, it will be understood as a recitation of the longer prayer in full.

Thus when I drive past a stranded motorist, I don’t need to repeat the full prayer above. I simply invoke the appropriate prayer macro — in this case, “Oh, poor bastard” — and God hears the rest.

Thanks to the use of prayer macros like this one, I find I am able to pray without ceasing in less than half the time that used to take me.

Here are some additional examples of prayer macros I use regularly to help make my prayer life more efficient. Feel free to adapt any of these for your own use as you see fit.

Read the rest to see some examples of Prayer Macros: slacktivist » Achieving spiritual efficiency through prayer macros.

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  • Dave Buerstetta

    I know this makes me a total dumbass, geeky fanboy, but I just love seeing Tony and Fred react to one another. By far, my two favorite bloggers.

    Also, I love that picture. That’s pretty much how I feel most of the time about prayer. Maybe I just need to spend more time reading “Infinite Jest.”