Female Catholic Priests in Minnesota


Monique Venne, a priest at Compassion of Christ Church that meets at Prospect Park United Methodist Church, gave communion to Judith McKloskey, also a priest in the church, during a recent service on Sunday, November 6, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minn. (Renee Jones Schneider/StarTribune)

Interesting, based on my post Friday, that the StarTribune on Sunday had an article by Rose French on a group of renegade Roman Catholic priests who just happen to be women:

Dressed in a priestly white robe and green stole, Monique Venne lifted communion bread before an altar — defying centuries of Catholic Church law.

Despite promises of excommunication from the Vatican, she and six other women in Minnesota say they are legitimate, ordained Catholic priests, fit to celebrate the mass. They trace their status through a line of ordained women bishops back to anonymous male bishops in Europe.

“We love the church, but we see this great wrong,” said Venne, 54, who cofounded Compassion of Christ Church, a Minneapolis congregation that just celebrated its first anniversary. “Not allowing women to be at the altar is a denigration of their dignity. We want the church to be the best it can be. If one leaves, one cannot effect change. So we’re pushing boundaries.”

Minnesota has emerged as a hotbed for the growing movement to ordain women as priests, with the highest per-capita number of female Catholic priests in the nation, according to the organization Roman Catholic Womenpriests. Women priests are working in the Twin Cities, Red Wing, Winona, Clear Lake and soon St. Cloud. The group claims about 70 women priests in the United States and more than 100 worldwide. READ THE REST

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  • Is Christian Smith still around to speak to this? This seems to be another act of bullying by the Church in similar fashion to treatment of theologians like Kung and Haight. I’m with you, Tony, the idea that Smith’s newly found Catholic faith has no baring on his argument against evangelical Biblicism, when we have here a Roman Catholic “churchicism” that operates within similar inconstancies and incoherences.

  • Melody

    Very encouraging indeed, a step in the right direction. Thanks for this, Tony.

  • “Not allowing women at the alter is a denigration of their dignity”
    What ridiculous histrionics. Someone needs to tell these silly girls where to sit their melodramatic tushes down. After all, that’s how Jesus treated all the women he met – he told them to shut up already. Just because the church treats them as inferior to men is no reason to get all uppity. Know your role, girls!

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