The Cost of Clergy Pedophilia


Attorney Jeff Anderson announces his case against former Catholic deacon Michael Weber (Courtney Perry/StarTribune

Yesterday, yet another news conference with yet another lawsuit accusing yet another Catholic clergyman of abusing yet more children.  Jeff Anderson, the attorney from Minnesota who represents many victims, announced on behalf of his client “Terry,” that he would be suing the Diocese of St. Cloud for abuse that occurred decades ago.

Calling in the press conference by telephone, Terry told reporters how the abuse changed him.  Anyone who is not yet horrified by the costs of this systemic abuse should be, after hearing from a victim:

On Tuesday, Terry said the abuse has “affected me in every part of my life, from drug and alcoholic addiction to divorce to low self-esteem to failed relationships with my family. No spiritual life to speak of. I’m still to this day not really a believer, but I hope to be one day. I would say that incident changed me, changed everything about me, from being a nice little innocent kid to the exact opposite.

Read the whole article by Rose French here.

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  • The Catholic church are the organized crime unit of the child rape world. They have 4,392 “Jerry Sanduskys” according to their own, voluntary John Jay report of 2004.

    The FBI should use RICO statutes to go investigate and prosecute the entire Catholic church.

  • @Patrick O’Malley: There are not 4,392 “Jerry Sanduskys.” That number was the number of ACCUSED priests dating back to 1950.

    We now know that it is very possible that ONE THIRD of those were accused falsely, and a significant number were deceased at the time of the accusation.

    Meanwhile a 2004 report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education relayed the sobering fact that about 9.6 PERCENT of students are the subject of sexual abuse sometime during their school career.

    Let us demand justice and compassion for victims of clergy abuse. But let us also ask for honesty, fairness, and perspective in the reporting of this narrative.


  • Perspective indeed!

    Let’s just focus on 3 priests

    Fr. Brendan Smyth.
    Fr. Oliver O’Grady.
    Fr. Eugen Greene.
    Between the three of those, they raped and buggered hundreds of children.

    Then there’s Ireland’s Child Abuse Commission which investigated 22 Institutions – out of 52 institutions – and identified 800 individual abusers, most of whom were clergy.

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