My 2012 Predictions

Every year, I visit the Doug Pagitt Radio Show to give my predictions about the upcoming year in religion.  I did so on Sunday, and here are my 2012 predictions:

5. Billy Graham will cross the River Styx.

4. Minnesota will (be the first state to) defeat the marriage amendment.

3.  The Prebsyterian Church (USA) will split at their general assembly in the summer.

2. Tebowing will take on new prominence when the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

1. Mitt Romney’s nomination will bring anti-Mormon bigotry to a fever pitch.  Evangelicals simply will not vote for a Mormon, ensuring Obama’s reelection.

What are your predictions for 2012?

Here are the segments of the show featuring my predictions:

  • tripp fuller

    where’s the wild goose prediction?

    your blog had pop-up ads…ugh

    • Tony Jones

      I’ve asked Patheos to disable pop-ups on my blog.

      • Scot Miller

        Thank you. They’re quite annoying.

  • Dan Hauge

    Um . . . your second year in a row predicting that a 93 year old man is going to die? Incisive. :)

  • David

    How did you do with 2011?

  • tom c.

    The Broncos winning the Super Bowl? Looks like you’re aiming for 4 out of 5 again this year…

    The other 4 all look plausible, but I don’t know that I would bet on 1 (much as I want to see Obama reelected). As someone who grew up PCUSA, it seems to me the denomination has always been divided yet somehow has never quite divorced.

  • bob c

    Tebow in the Super Bowl ?


    Honestly, Denver wining the AFC is a faith-based enterprise.

  • David

    I’m totally an outsider looking in, but are there logistical plans already being made in case of a split? When I think of the Presbyterian church I think of very involved structure. Are there plans in place for the duplication of hierarchies and headquarters or would that all happen post-vote?

  • Jason R

    Tony, As a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor I’m hoping your #1 does not come to fruition. There already is, and has been for several years now, a slow trickle of churches from the PC(USA) to the EPC. I think you might be right in that this trickle might become larger. However, as David noted above, I don’t think an official split can logistically happen. It could be possible that we see overtures that seek to make it easier for churches to leave with their property, but an official vote to divide the denomination most likely be on the table. If you are interested, keep an eye on what happens at the “Fellowship of Presbyterians” meeting in Orlando in January. What goes on at that meeting will give a strong indicator as to whether your prediction will come true. But no matter what happens it will be an interesting General Assembly next summer.

  • Jason R

    above should read “an official vote to divide the denomination most likely won’t be on the table.”

  • mark currey (@MonsignorMonk)

    if #5 is true I’ll bet both JC’s ( christ and cash) will be waiting with big bear hugs when he get’s off the ferry.

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