Christian Nightmares’ 15 Worst Videos of 2011

I visit Christian Nightmares a lot. It’s like picking a scab. It hurts, but I can’t stop.

Christian Nightmares’ 15 favorite/worst video posts of 2011 (in no particular order; for last year’s list, click here)

1) Satanic, psychedelic remix of Christian public access evangelist Reverend Dolly Harrell

2) Evangelist and failed comedian Dawson McAllister preaches against ‘worldliness’

3) An incredibly infectious and upbeat Christian kids’ song about the Bible

4) Evangelist Patricia King marvels over her pal Joshua Mills as God covers him with blue sparkle dust and oil miraculously pours from his palms

5) ‘How dare you!’: An amazing remix of arrogant, condescending Pastor Mark Driscoll

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  • Lock

    Those are classic expressions of evangelical Christianity.

    WHO DO YOU THING YOU ARE?!!!!!!!!!

    • Scot Miller

      What’s the problem, then? Since these are nothing more than clips of “classic expressions of evangelical Christianity,” you should be happy that the good word is being spread. Of course, if they really are “classic expressions of evangelical Christianity,” then why would any sane person want to be an evangelical Christian?

      • Lock

        I am kidding, Scott. My bad. I should have put more humor indicators in my wording.

  • TJJ

    I wish you would get away from the negative/faultfinding/critical focus you are too often preoccupied with, and used your blog in a more positive and encouraging way. Does your theology and ministry and approach to “church” have any positive vision? Seriously.

  • James

    Doesn’t that Sarah Palin song give you goosebumps???

    • Lock

      I only get goosebumps when I see Obama petting his goat.

  • ChrisM

    TJJ – as Tony has said, an eccelesiologist is like a “proctologist for the church.” Sadly, proctologists have to address negative/faulty/critical things along the way