Mark Driscoll Thinks British Preachers Are Cowards

So much for the kinder, gentler Driscoll:

“Let’s just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don’t have one – that’s the problem. There are a bunch of cowards who aren’t telling the truth.”

READ THE REST Mark Driscoll takes aim at the ‘cowards’ in the British church | Christian News on Christian Today.

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  • He’d love Daniel Strange, although not even Driscoll would co-author a book with Paul Knitter and Gavin D’Costa, so maybe Strange is a coward after all for not just punching those two in the face instead.

  • angie

    Mark Driscoll reminds me of the category of men you’d Vince Vaughn in.

    That is not a compliment.

  • Rhea

    The link doesn’t work for me…is anyone else having this problem?

    • Kenton

      I am, but I’m not all that upset about it. 🙂

  • Dan Hauge

    There’s just something so amusing about adding “Brits” to the ever-multiplying categories of people who are destroying the gospel by not being masculine tough-as-nails drill sergeants.

    By the way, for those (like myself) with a little too much time on their hands and an appetite for cyber-fights, you can read Mark’s blog response (that one’s pretty easy to find), and the interviewer’s response to the response here : Some interesting tidbits on what happened in the interview.

  • To, perhaps, get both perspectives:

    But that might be too fair…

    • Jay

      I think defending Driscoll is almost worse that what he said, have you seen this guys track record? How he treats women, gays, other christians? Wake up man!

    • Richard

      You mean to get Driscoll’s edited justification. Did he say what he said or not? If he said those things he needs to own up to not communicating what he calls truth in a way that could be received well by his audience. For a guy who prides himself on his communication ability, this is a steadfast refusal to own up to his tendency to be incendiary toward people. Check the journalist’s response to Mark’s post – he offers an apology if he offended Mark and provides a very different account of what transpired. And in a truly novel approach, he did so in a humble tone.

    • Ben

      It’s going to be hard for Driscoll to make the case that he was being blind-sided by the interviewer’s questions and selectively quoted when the the entire interview is available online (including the pre-interview setup, where the presenter asks Driscoll if its OK to ask about more than just his latest book).

      I listened to the whole thing and then wrote about it ( And yes, it was as bad as the original clips implied.

      As for the kindler, gentler side of Mark… um, did I blink?

  • Thanks for the links, guys. Interesting.

  • “… name for me the one young, good Bible teacher…”

    Keyword young. He knows better than to discount Wright 😉 hehe

  • Darren Anderson

    I dont think the ‘Brits’ over here are as concerned about x factor christian teaching. I think we spend too much time watching over what Christian teachers say and it distracts us from our faith.

  • Is it just me, or does Mark Driscoll inch closer and closer to Fred Phelps than he does to Jesus every time he opens his mouth?

    • PamBG

      No, it’s not just you. Mark Driscoll is a bully who gives real Christianity a bad name.

  • Kyle

    Driscoll needs to realise that the end of Christendom in the UK is the best thing for the organic raising up of true followers of Jesus, who do not need bible teachers to be celebrities in order to prove their authenticity – but to be authentic followers of Jesus in society as it is – and not a society as Driscoll would like it to be. This kind of bovine manure just adds to the reasons why hundreds of years of Christendom (which has as much to do with following Jesus as a sausage) has been rejected in Europe.

  • Jeff Straka

    I find it interesting that Driscoll (and others like him) associate their “huge” church membership as evidence of being doctrinally correct and on the right/true path. All he has done is attract other tribal/mythic he-man, misogynistic, fearful homophobes out of the woodwork.

  • Jeff Straka

    Or should I say – out of their man-caves…

  • James

    The mischievous side of me has to ask: so, because British churches may not have fallen for the cult of personality as American churches have, all their preachers are cowards?

  • Chris

    Has he not heard Alister McGrath or N. T. Wright? Of course there are probably several reasons why they would be discounted. But surely these have trained at least on young-USB pastor who isn’t a ‘coward.’ Maybe the real modifier is that MD has to know them for it to count.

  • You can listen to the entire interview here:{B568EE6E-C425-4285-BCE0-BE1CF6A6DF31}

    Driscoll gets fairly belligerent towards the end when he learns that the interviewer’s wife is a pastor. As to N.T. Wright and Alister McGrath, perhaps they are who Driscoll has in mind when he speaks of “men in dresses preaching to grandmas”.

  • The link at Premier Radio appears to be the whole interview – if it’s edited, it is only very lightly edited.

    It’s hard to reconcile it with the account on Driscoll’s blog: “disrespectful, adversarial, and subjective” certainly aren’t the adjectives that spring to mind. I can see that he’d be upset if he expected more questions about the book and fewer about his wider activity – but they all covered relevant topics.

    I *really* ought to stop paying attention to Driscoll stories – they never fail to raise my ire – but the voyeur in me senses a kind of train-wreck-in-slow-motion, and it’s hard to look away. It can’t get much worse, can it?

  • Amanda drury

    I must say I was somewhat pleased to find affinity with the Brits and small church pastors. I’m in good company.

  • Matthew Maxwell-Carr

    Stuart Olyott is a good example. He’s an excellent preacher in Britain and has been for many years. He’s known across Britain and always speaks the truth, even ‘dogmatically’ you might say.

    We in Britain are not cowards, it’s just a different culture down here and we are called to speak into that culture. We cannot speak as Mark or other American preachers would speak because then we wouldn’t be heard. The British mentality is different – it hates dogma, it hates controversy, and British people don’t listen to raving people. We have to be winsome, gentle and considerate over here, knowing that the way we say things can win or lose people.

    So this is a silly comment from Mark. He’s probably never ever been to Britain, or if he has then he sure sounds like he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. I am witnessing here a great unity amongst Reformed, evangelical churches – genuine unity and genuine desire. Something is happening. There are many good preachers over here, but we just don’t like to make a big deal of ourselves. We get on with serving in our little churches. That’s the way it is over here and we thank God for it and don’t want to be famous. This growing desire for God is coming from pastors who are becoming very serious about the word of God and they want it to change the lives of their people. This isn’t a fair statement from Mark. He has got to watch this. He won’t make any friends over here if he says silly things like this. God bless you Mark.


    • Matthew Maxwell-Carr

      Btw, when I say British people won’t listen to ‘raving’ people, I don’t mean that American preachers are ‘raving’ men. I love American preachers. They are loud and openly passionate. It wins me. But I’m saying that generally, we cannot be loud and openly passionate down here if we want to win people. It really puts British people off. They like us to befriend them and speak to them gently, but convincingly. We have to be careful, that’s what I’m saying. It’s a different approach and has to be. But we are not cowards.

  • Greg McMahon

    Well Mark… consider this a shot across your bow, you coward. If you are a man, then put your money where your mouth is as we Texans say and come to the UK & preach the gospel in all the corners of this land… or shut up 7 sip your latees there in your cushy little yuppie pastorate there in Seattle. I came to the UK and I have listened to pastors who would bury you in your pathetic drivel. God bless you :))