A Pentecostal Pastor Thinks Mark Driscoll Is Wrong about Women

Jonathan Martin weighs on Real Marriage and the Driscoll interview:

To be clear, my reason for taking this on has nothing to do with Mark Driscoll personally, per se.  I have been just as passionate about defending women in ministry inside my own tradition.  (Those are other stories for another time—I just think its important to note that this is an issue dear to my heart in general that I have spoken to consistently, as opposed to just being a bandwagon critic of Driscoll’s.  People within my tradition know my, um, reputation for speaking to these matters well enough)  I am very aware of how my reformed brothers interpret some key texts on the role of women in the church differently than I do.  The argument that Mark lays out implicitly here, however, is not so much from Scripture but his own culturally conditioned assessment of the role of women in leadership.  I come from a very different cultural context that tells a very different story, so I will limit my remarks to that today (though the Biblical debate is one I would love to have anytime).

READ THE REST Jonathan Martin: Pastor of Renovatus Church in Charlotte NC – Why Mark Driscoll is wrong about women in church leadership..

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  • I can affirm that Jonathan has been an outspoken advocate for women in ministry within the Church of God denomination that he is a part of. As voices like his begin to speak up and hold Driscoll accountable, I wonder if we’re not reaching a tipping point where the public pressure might lead Driscoll to reassess and recant (in some way) — or the leadership of Mars Hill Church to hold him more accountable (in some way).

  • Dan Hauge

    My favorite quote from Martin’s piece is this: “Though given the history of these kinds of remarks, including in his own teaching and blogs, I fail to understand why it is that whenever he says very plainly what he thinks there is always this tiresome backlash from people just who say he is “just taken out of context.”

    It’s always the same think from Mark, in terms of his bullying tone and his steadfast commitment to strict hierarchy (in gender roles, and in church leadership in general), a success-driven model of what ‘real’ church needs to look like, and a machismo vision of both ‘masculinity’ and a God who “kicks ass”. The reason people keep focusing on these statements is because he keeps giving us so much material. These online controversies don’t represent ‘taking Mark out of context’, they represent who Mark is–proudly and consistently.

    • that’s very true, dan.

      “Pastor” Driscoll continues to shout very loudly and clearly his anti- woman, anti-glbtqq, anti-“effeminate” men garbage, and yet his apologists continue to blare “out of context! Out of context!”

      As if what he were REALLY saying is very different from what he very successfully tells us a and which make him so danged popular!

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