Clergy Taxes Made Easier

Do you perform “sacerdotal functions”? If so, and if you’re “ordained” — yes, those are “scare quotes” — then you may qualify for a housing allowance, a funny part of the U.S. tax code that allows clergy and military to bypass federal taxes with a certain portion of income.

It’s not easy to complete clergy tax returns, and I’ve found that most tax preparers have no idea how to do it. That’s why for many years I’ve used Clergy Financial Resources. Mark and his team at Clergy Financial know the tax code, and they prepare tax returns for all states. Plus, they’re great to work with — always responsive, knowledgable, and kind.

I dislike tax season — it makes me anxious. But at least with Clergy Financial, I feel like I’m in good hands.

This is a sponsored post. I get a referral fee for any new clients sent to CFR. However, I would not endorse Mark and his team if I didn’t believe in them.

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  • Tom

    I cant wait for your blog pic to show you holding a Pepsi (logo specifically facing the camera) with a caption underneath that says, “Hi, I’m Tony Jones. When I am propping myself up on utter darkness I like to enjoy the choice of a new kinda Christian. I reach for the refreshing taste of Pepsi cola.” I appreciate the disclosure at the end…I started to feel a little icky about what I was reading but…eh, I get it…it was your ending remarks that washed away the icky…at least you believe in the product (or people) you are endorsing.

  • ME

    The question I ask myself when reading something like this is- is the author trying to serve himself or serve his readers? I suppose it’s good to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Steve Swope

    No, it’s not “easy” to do clergy tax returns – but I’ve found that TurboTax Deluxe is more than capable of doing them correctly and without undo anxiety. I’m not paid by TurboTax, and I actually did a comparison my first year of using it – doing my taxes “the old-fashioned way” first (by hand/calculator, and using my denomination’s annual tax guide), then re-doing them by TurboTax. TT was faster, less stressful, and fully as accurate. And it costs lots less than an accountant.

  • Brian

    We use Clergy Financial as well. It’s been one of the best financial decisions we’ve made.

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